How to Install Rivco Centerstand Without Lifting the Motorcycle


I recently purchased the Rivco centerstand for my 97 Valkyrie. The installation instruction requires lifting the bike with a jack at the front end of the crankcase and then putting some blocks under the rear end to stabilize the bike. The instruction does not specify the type of jack to be used. It is possible that some people like me may not have the motorcycle jack and may be tempted to use the regular jack that we normally use on cars. I see a serious safety problem in using the regular jack considering the weight of the bike and working underneath the bike. Also, it may not be cost effective to buy the motorcycle jack unless it is intended for frequent future use.


I made a simple tool to install the centerstand without lifting the bike and subjecting to the potential unsafe condition. The tool simply requires a inch wide, 1/8-inch thick flat peace 6 inches long. By using approximately 3/16 thick file, make two slots at each end. Bend one end approximately long up to 45 degrees. Before installing the centerstand, just stretch the square tubular bracket and insert this tool making sure that the bent end is attached to the tab on the square tube.


Follow the Rivco instruction in installing the centerstand. Once it is installed, lower the stand further and the tool will be free to remove. I have attached some pictures for further assistance. I am also sending this instruction to Rivco for their use. I do enjoy the Rivco centerstand. It is pretty, heavy duty, good workmanship and very functional. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ami B. Sidpara

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