North to Alaska

Day 30


I wish now, I had stuffed some of that 50 degree foggy weather I had on the inside passage in my pocket – to pull out today.  I sure could have used it.


I was in the high dessert all day today – turning south in California – to pick up Interstate 80 near Reno – and ride the 90 degree dessert all the way to Utah.


Can’t say as I say much of the dessert beyond about a mile from the highway – the mountains were obscured by smoke from forest fires – who knows whether south or west – but nonetheless – I thought for most of the day I was back in the Smokey Mountains.


I was, once again, reminded today of how valuable my GPS has been on all my trips – especially this one.   Most all of the roads I traveled in the Yukon Territory and up into Alaska were on the built in maps – and I found myself relying on it – rather than stop to look at a map.  When I crossed the Canadian Border – it was just a little change to the setup – and I could measure kilometers and speed in kph.


The distance measurement in kilometers was really important when using “Milepost” – a book about Alaska – as well as the approach routes through Canada.  If you are planning a trip to Western Canada and or Alaska, “Milepost” is an essential tool.  It describes most every major road – and gives locations of attractions as well as services – denominated in kilometers in Canada – and miles in Alaska.  By changing the setup on the Garmin III Plus – I was able to reference the locations necessary for fuel, food, accommodations – and attractions.


In the lower 48 – especially out here in the West where there may be 50 or more miles between services, the preprogrammed exit information on all the interstate highways helps me plan my fuel stops.  When I am about half way through a tank of gas, I can punch up the next 100 miles of exits to see which exits have fuel – and most times – even what brand.  That comes in mighty handy when you are purchasing fuel with a gasoline credit card.


The Garmin unit even survived the crash with no damage whatsoever – amazing to me that a piece of electronic equipment could take such a hit and keep on working perfectly.


Notwithstanding the sameness of the entire 575 miles across Nevada today – as I crested the last hill before stopping for the night – I was treated with a magnificent view of the Utah salt flats.  I have never seen them before – as I have always traveled this section of the country either north or south of here – but as always, I am utterly astounded by the variety of the beauty this great country has to share with me.


So to you and Iowa Sioux and Sky & Thunder, Labradors, Oklahoma City, OK – I say goodnight from Wendover, UT.


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