North to Alaska

Days 26 & 27


I’ve gotten lazy aboard ship.

My cabin aboard the M.V. Columbia 

Life is easy – just riding along looking at the incredible scenery along this inside passage.


Whales, seals, sea lions, dolphins, and bears – appear unannounced to the delight of everyone on board.


The best food of the trip award goes to the Dockside Diner in Ketchikan.  We stopped for several hours – and I decided to take a walk in the rain along the docks – leaving the downtown shopping to others of the ship’s company.  Fresh halibut fish and chips were the order of the day – right on the waterfront – watching float planes land and take off in the harbor – and fishing boats bringing catch to market.


It sort of reminded me of my tour of the Portland, ME harbor with the infamous “Wharf Rat” – our Maine State Rep of the VRCC.  Should have been here my friend – but, then again, as much as you have traveled – you probably have already been here.


While I was waiting to board the ferry again, I noticed the jacket a lady who works for the Inter-Island Ferry Authority was wearing – of course it was red and black just like my Valkyrie.  I struck up a conversation with Faith – and ended up buying a jacket just like the one she was wearing – sure will look good when I wear it on the bike.  She asked that I send her a picture to hang up in the ferry terminal – so I think I will.


Food is good – company is good – and the scenery is extraordinary – but I am already anxious to be riding again.  Tomorrow morning – I’m on the road again – heading for the Cascades.


So to you and Iowa Sioux and Trakr, German Shepherd, Halifax, Nova Scotia – I say goodnight from the M.V. Columbia on the Alaska Marine Highway System.


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