North to Alaska

Day 23


Can a Valkyrie float?


There is no alarm to wake up to this morning.


I won’t even swing a leg over the bike today.


A day off in Whitehorse.


Homeward bound takes a new turn tomorrow.  When I had to do surgery on the itinerary a few days ago, I made arrangements to float back to the U.S. from Skagway, Alaska to Bellingham, Washington on the Alaska Marine Highway System.


I had hoped to ride all the way back down through Alberta and British Columbia, but in order to get a National Park Stamp in California, I would have had to schedule 6-700 mile days to get home in time to get back to work on schedule.


The alternative was to book passage on the ferry – they had room for me and the bike, but the cabin space was all booked.  However, I’m told that they allow you to pitch a tent on the aft deck of the ship – so perhaps, I will be camping and floating my way back to Washington.


The ferry leaves Skagway on Monday evening about 8:00 p.m. and arrives in Bellingham approximately 8:00 a.m. Friday – so I will have four nights aboard ship.  The way the ferry scheduled worked out, I was able to schedule one and a half days of contingency time – it the event the trip to Alaska was more difficult than predicted.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to use any of that time – so I have the luxury of just sitting around – and, of course, catching up on laundry – a whole day in Whitehorse.


I am grateful for no alarm this morning – the walk along the Yukon River waterfront is refreshing – and my imagination can see the riverfront teaming with boats and travelers on their way to the gold fields of yesterday.


Tomorrow – a short drive to Skagway – some sightseeing there – then board the ferry and me and the Valkyrie will float home.


Since this is my last night in Canada, I should say how delighted I have been with the hospitality in this country – and it truly is a bargain for Americans.  The exchange rate between U.S. and Canadian dollars is about .65 – so everything, except gasoline is a comparative bargain.


Thanks, Canada for a wonderful time – I hope to see you again, soon.


So to you and Iowa Sioux and Cody, Golden, Long Island, NY – I say goodnight from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

 On the Yukon Riverfront


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