North to Alaska

Day 21


“Funeral to be held from Lowe’s Chapel Tomorrow”
The funeral of Julian Trafert, the sourdough who died several days ago in his cabin at the forks will be held at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon from Lowe’s chapel, Rev. Hibbert of the Methodist Church will officiate. Friends will be welcome.




Dawson Daily News March 12, 1913 


Homeward bound – but not in the sense indicated above.


This is usually the sad day – the day when I have to turn toward home.  But this year, it seems different.


Perhaps it’s the accident in the Badlands – perhaps its because this is my third trip – perhaps it’s the realization that there is a season for everything – and, while I’m turning home today, I still have many days of enjoyment before this adventure is complete.


Actually, today’s route was yesterday’s route in reverse – although it was the same road, riding in the opposite direction provided an entirely new ride – a second chance to view the Top of the World from a position 180 degrees different from yesterday.  And I must say it was more enjoyable as well – I knew what to expect on the road today – and, of course, I’m still floating on Top of the World – for just having made it to Alaska – and getting the park stamp.


The mystical nature of this trip continues to amaze me.  I’m not sure why events have unfolded as they have – and I continue to be struck by occurrences – such as the obituary above – which I observed in the window of an historical mortuary in Dawson City.  Hibbert is a variation in spelling of my last name – I was offered a scholarship to a Methodist Seminary – and the obituary was published on my birthday – 34 years before I was born.  Is it possible that I have crossed the Yukon River before?


Tonight it’s the Dawson City Music Festival – and later – a front row seat for the Can-Can show at Diamond Tooth Gerties.


So to you and Iowa Sioux and Insee, German Shepherd, Meaux, LA – I say goodnight, once again from Dawson City, Yukon Territory.


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