North to Alaska

Day 20


I’m at the Top of the World.


Or should I say, I was at the Top of the World – and still am.  Sound confusing?  It is.


I was at the Top of the World – this morning – after I took the ferry across the Yukon River from Dawson City, YT and began the ride across the Top of the World Highway to the Alaska Border.


Sat in line behind 18 30ft motor homes waiting to get on the ferry until a couple of Canadian bikers came along and clued me into the fact that, generally, motorcycles can go to the head of the line – and the ferry operators will squeeze you on the boat in the first available space.  I had watched the ferry cross the river several times with plenty of space for my rig, but not enough space for another RV – so ended up saving over an hour – thanks to my Canadian friends.


The roadway from the Yukon River to the Alaska border was pretty much paved – a few construction spots, but not too bad.  Cleared the U.S. border crossing easily – then faced 50 miles of dirt road to Chicken, Alaska.


Ever since Dawson Creek, BC – everyone I talked to had advised this route – even with the dirt road – over the enormous amount of construction on the Alaska Highway.  The road to Chicken was quite predictable – and certainly was a confidence builder for me – although it took me two hours to travel the 50 miles.


In a sense, I still am at the Top of the World – I got the money shot – courtesy of my Canadian friends – at the border – I made it to Alaska – I got my passport stamped at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Copper Center, AK – my 25th state – and my 56th park.


Some of you may remember my feelings upon arrival at the Pacific Ocean two years ago – on my way to Valkyries in the Valley at Yosemite National Park.  I think that I said that I had never been more proud of me – and I must confess, I feel the same way tonight.  I’m banged up – my poor Valkyrie is banged up – but – we did it - together.


As long as I live, I’ll remember that moment I stood with my bike in front of the Welcome to Alaska sign – as I will remember the moment the Valkyrie and I first saw the Pacific Ocean.


So to you and Iowa Sioux and Dusty, Golden, Sacramento, CA – I say goodnight from Glennallen, AK.  I made it.



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