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Concerning Processing Time-Frame: Because our shirts are made-to-order right here in San Dimas, CA, please allow one to three weeks for processing. For more information, please refer to our Shipping Information page.

BIG NEWS WE'VE LOWERED OUR SHIPPING. $5.00 vs. $6.95 with each following item just $1.00

New for 2015 The Redesigned VRCC Logo Shield. A percentage of each sale goes directly to SUPPORT the VRCC



Just $19.99

Pocket or  Chest


Well not all that new, we've upgraded to what we think is  a cooler looking Flame Pattern
Here's the old hat it replaces

We've  added pockets

to select shirts

Here's the New →

You Can SAVE BIG when you order more than one shirt.

It's Just a buck more for shipping (not the shirt) each extra shirt, and it is any shirt you choose.


Talk to Us! *  Testimony

Just to let you know, I ordered like 8 shirts a few years back. I have been unable to ride since 2007 from back spine fusions. But I HONESTLY wear your shirts 6 days a week and they have held up to this overuse unbelievably well. I just put my Valk on the road yesterday and am going to try and ride (still in a lot of pain )


ordering new shirts Thanks


Second Amendment  $19.99

Choice print Front or Back

the Banner is Back


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